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Hello folks!

It’s been two weeks and there’s lots going on at the Playground!

Firstly, the next (inked) page of GANG TROUBLE is ready for viewing!

GangTrouble0472dpiCwoissant really continues to outdo herself on every page!  The character expressions, the sense of movement, of pacing– the mark of a good comic is that you can pretty much tell what’s going on even without the words!  Kudos to her!!

Of course, the Playground’s Patreon patrons got to see this page last week.  By pledging $1.00 — that’s ONE DOLLAR– or more per month, Patrons get to see any uploads meant for the site FIRST.  And there’s more rewards the more you pledge!  And all of it goes to bringing you MORE diaper art.

The first two weeks of the Patreon have been very rewarding– six Patrons, and we’ve ALREADY passed our first milestone.  Want to know what that is?  Simply this:  ISB IN COLOR.  That’s right!  Every month that the milestone is upheld means one more page of the furry diaper classic Incontinent Student Bodies gets coloured!  Once all the pages are done, the plan is to gather them all together in … but that would be telling.  :)

I want to say a big “Happy Thanksgiving” to my American supporters out there, I hope next week’s Turkey Day is super fun with lots of good eats and lots to be thankful for!

ISB continues to be published FOR FREE here on the Playground at the rate of a page a day!  If you haven’t yet read it, or even if you just want to re-discover it, it’s available under The Fridge link at http://karisplayground.com/the-fridge , as well as the current run of World of WETcraft, my World of Warcraft parody with diapers and wet pants galore, and various fun things I’ve seen on the web or had commissioned privately for myself!

It’s been a great two weeks for the Playground– it would be super appreciated if you could all spread the word about the Patreon, and help support diaper comics and creating new content!  The URL is http://www.patreon.com/karisplayground .

With love,




KARIS is now on PATREON!!

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GANG TROUBLE: Completed Page 1 colours

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Hey folks, a while back I posted Page 1 of Gang trouble with some of the colors but it wasn’t complete; now, for your enjoyment, may I please present the completed page 1!



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Hey folks!  Just keeping you all up-to-date on Cwoissant’s color progress!  Here’s the flatted page 2 of Gang Trouble!



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Hey folks, I’m looking for an artist who knows the World of Warcraft setting to continue my parody fetish comic, “World of WETcraft.”  It’s like a WoW story with diaper and wet pants jokes.  As seen here with Monty the diapered Troll.  2×2 panel format. B&W.  PAID gig.  Please respond or message me with your rates and portfolio.  Email is karis at karisplayground dot com.  Thanks!


GANG TROUBLE: Update page 3!

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Cwoissant is going great guns inking the Gang Trouble project!  Here’s Page 3 for your enjoyment!

(featuring (left to right, panel one): Aito, Conner, Tamas, and Kiwi)



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You need to stop everything you’re doing, RIGHT  NOW.

Marvel Comics in conjunction with GoodNites bedwetter pants has just put out a comic starring SPIDER-MAN.

This is everything– a super hero relating to kids with bedwetting issues who wear Goodnites– and it’s the KID who knows the most about it!  Spider-Man learns from him in this great short story.

Check it out at http://reader.marvel.com/#/issue/34148/wl/1

This is big news!  How much longer until we have a bedwetting superhero?  Not long, I hope!


UPDATE (and throwback) THURSDAY!

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MaxRubberHey everyone!

Going great guns at the Playground, with new content for you!

Remember the old stories from the old Playground? Now, by popular demand, they’re available again! Just check out the Stories link on the site! And completely free to read!

ISB continues to post on The Fridge at the rate of a page a day!  (there was a hiccup in the server so it skipped a day; I uploaded two pages today to make up for it!) I’m very happy to be providing content for all the fans– and if you want to support making MORE content, the complete ISB issues are available for print or download purchase thru lulu.com!

Speaking of which, the entire Diaperman Graphic Novel is posting a page a day over at Two Gargoyles Comics’ page– click on over there for your diapered superhero updates!

Speaking of making content, Cwoissant is banging on with our newest diaper comic, Gang Trouble!  Here’s a preview of her amazing inks on Page 2!  Be sure to watch this space for updates on when the issue will come out!

Folks, communties like this one depend on word-of-mouth.  Please do what you can to spread the word about the Playground:  On websites, links, chats, anywhere you can.  Please follow Karis’ Playground on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!



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I’ve talked about him before– but now there’s exciting news!  Fabulous Karis artist Jeremonkey is now doing FURRY character commissions!  If you liked his work on Karis comics such as World of WETcraft, now’s your chance to get your character drawn by the Monkey-man himself!

Here are some samples of his work:


For his commission rates and other information, check him out on FurAffinity or contact him directly at jeremy.thew (at) gmail dot com !