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You need to stop everything you’re doing, RIGHT  NOW.

Marvel Comics in conjunction with GoodNites bedwetter pants has just put out a comic starring SPIDER-MAN.

This is everything– a super hero relating to kids with bedwetting issues who wear Goodnites– and it’s the KID who knows the most about it!  Spider-Man learns from him in this great short story.

Check it out at

This is big news!  How much longer until we have a bedwetting superhero?  Not long, I hope!


UPDATE (and throwback) THURSDAY!

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MaxRubberHey everyone!

Going great guns at the Playground, with new content for you!

Remember the old stories from the old Playground? Now, by popular demand, they’re available again! Just check out the Stories link on the site! And completely free to read!

ISB continues to post on The Fridge at the rate of a page a day!  (there was a hiccup in the server so it skipped a day; I uploaded two pages today to make up for it!) I’m very happy to be providing content for all the fans– and if you want to support making MORE content, the complete ISB issues are available for print or download purchase thru!

Speaking of which, the entire Diaperman Graphic Novel is posting a page a day over at Two Gargoyles Comics’ page– click on over there for your diapered superhero updates!

Speaking of making content, Cwoissant is banging on with our newest diaper comic, Gang Trouble!  Here’s a preview of her amazing inks on Page 2!  Be sure to watch this space for updates on when the issue will come out!

Folks, communties like this one depend on word-of-mouth.  Please do what you can to spread the word about the Playground:  On websites, links, chats, anywhere you can.  Please follow Karis’ Playground on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!



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I’ve talked about him before– but now there’s exciting news!  Fabulous Karis artist Jeremonkey is now doing FURRY character commissions!  If you liked his work on Karis comics such as World of WETcraft, now’s your chance to get your character drawn by the Monkey-man himself!

Here are some samples of his work:


For his commission rates and other information, check him out on FurAffinity or contact him directly at jeremy.thew (at) gmail dot com !


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Hi Folks!  Big announcement time:  For the first time EVER, I will be posting a page a day from the now-infamous Incontinent Student Bodies series!  Starting today with issue 1, page 1, you can follow along with the whole series!

Those of you who’ve read it before will be able to reacquaint yourselves with your favourite characters, and those of you who are new to ISB have a whole dormitory full of diapery goodness awaiting you!

If you enjoy it, please don’t forget to support the Playground– print and digital versions (complete with colour covers and extras like character portraits and sketches!) are available on!

Also, please spread the word– the Playground is BACK, better than ever, and you can look forward to new content EVERY DAY!


Gang Trouble: Progress Report 3

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The Playground is forging ahead, folks!  Gang Trouble is proceeding full steam ahead, and below are the two latest pages tightened up a bit (though still in sketch phase).

Did you know that is reposting the ENTIRE Diaperman series over on their site??  Surf over there and click on the Comics Archive link!

Page 2:

"Gang Trouble" page 2.  © Karis' Playground 2015.  Art by Cwoissant.

“Gang Trouble” page 2. © Karis’ Playground 2015. Art by Cwoissant.


“Gang Trouble” page 3 ©Karis’ Playground 2015. Art by Cwoissant.


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Hey folks!  I’m getting more excited about Gang Trouble every day– and I hope YOU are, too!  I wanted to share some of the progress that’s being made on the comic so you can all enjoy the process.

Cwoissant, the artist, has gone back to school so that’s going to slow progress down a bit, but she’s every bit as committed to giving this her best effort as she was before!  Please consider leaving her a comment or two and letting her know how you feel!



02 really rough



Gang Trouble Cast Pic

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Left to right: Atlas, Shadow, Kiwi, Justin, Tamas, Seth, Jax, Dan, Jay

Art by the amazing Cwoissant

GANG TROUBLE: Sketch Process

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Hey folks!

I’m pleased as punch to say that all the roles for Gang Trouble are SOLD OUT.  Congratulations and big thanks to our supporters.  Noel (aka Cwoissant) is sketching away at the designs for the characters now that everyone’s sent in their information, and subject to the cast’s approval we will be moving forward very soon!

Noel has already color-sketched Conner, our star, and has done some character study headshots of the villainous Aito and Conner’s reaction to him!  Stay tuned for more updates and developments as they happen!

Conner in ColorAito Being MeanConner Surprised



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Hey folks!  So as of now, all the major roles in “GANG TROUBLE” are gone.  That leaves two CAMEO roles remaining– meaning an appearance in the comic although you may or may not have any lines.  But you will get a digital copy of the comic when it comes out!

Go ahead and EMAIL (sorry I can’t accept Tweets or Comments on this thread for these roles) karis at karisplayground dot com if you want one of these roles!

Very excited!



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Folks, I’m super excited.  Noel (aka Shuffahlong , aka Cwoissant) has sent me the preliminary sketches for some of the assigned roles in “Gang Trouble.”

Take a peek!

All the roles are now spoken for except for MOM and DAD.  (By the way, no one is saying both parents have to be different genders!  Want two Dads or two Moms?  We can TOTALLY do that!)

Production will begin sometime this week, so if you want either of those two roles, now’s the time to speak up!

Aitobust aitodiapersketch Connerbust Justinbust Kiwibust Sethbust Tamasbust