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Date: February 9, 2011.

Been a while. Big changes are coming to the site-- redesign, new content, a more fluid interface. In the meantime, new World of Wetcraft is up.

ISB 5 News: Nothing's changed-- still in the hands of the artist. Direct all inquiries to marci@frithcat.com for update information.

Have you seen Diaperman yet? Check him out at http://www.diaperman.net!

Did you know Karis is on FurAffinity? Check it out at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/karisplayground/

Date: January 14, 2010.

New World of Wetcraft is up -- episode 11, folks! Jeremonkey has been so busy working on the next issue of Diaperman that it's been on hiatus up until now, but we've started up again-- so I guess I better get busy writing the next issue!

Date: June 5, 2009.

World of Wetcraft issues 9 and 10 are up! JayJ emailed me to tell me that the "super secret project" -- aka, a Diaperman video game-- was a hoax, a cleverly constructed lie! Pity, the game looked so good, too!

Speaking of Diaperman, Issue 14 has been written and is now in the hands of talented artist Jeremonkey (the World of Wetcraft artist!) I think it's going to be a smokin' hot issue!

ISB news: Marci's done the breakdowns of the first six pages as of this writing. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!
Peace out!

Date: February 1, 2009.

Happy New Year, everyone! Got World of Wetcraft issue 8 up! Still waiting to hear back from the infamous JayJ on a super secret (okay not so secret) project that I'm hoping to debut at the Calgary Comic Expo in April. Oh, and ISB ISSUE 5 is finished-- scriptwise. I completed it and sent if off to the artist, Marci. Now it comes when it comes, I'll be working on pages as she sends them to me; right now she has to get approvals from the main characters for what they look like, and then we're off!

Date: December 11, 2008.

Got World of Wetcraft issue 7 up, xposted to FA and Yaoi Gallery as per usual. Look for an upcoming spinoff series, a ten-page comic entitled "EnTHRALLed," coming soon!

Hope the holidays are happy for you and yours.

Date: September 26, 2008.

norseprincescoverGot another new World of Wetcraft up, xposted it to FurAffinity as well to get some comments and feedback on it, as well as my LiveJournal.

Also have reprinted Norse Princes through lulu.com so if you like strapping musclemen in leather wetting their pants, hey, it's all for you.

Happy Autumn!

Date: August 26, 2008.

Welcome to Karis' Playground Version 6.0! Simplified, streamlined, easier to navigate and see everything we have to offer at a glance.

What's New?

We've got a third episode of World of Wetcraft up, and I've given it its own page! I'm working on figuring out a script that will have ALL the comics up, able to be viewed like a regular webcomic. Bear with me as I don't have a lot of time to sit down and hash out code and figure it all out. If anyone wants to help, I'm more than happy to receive it!

I'm happy to report that Norse Princes is now published! It's available through lulu.com, just check out the Comics page! Strapping young Norsemen wetting their pants and getting put back in diapers...wow!

That's all for now, see you in September!


New Diaperman Issue!

Diaperman Issue 13 is now available for purchase on lulu.com -- just follow this link to get the comic, or the full-color graphic novel mailed to your home in discreet packaging!

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