Starting tomorrow, and every Friday afterwards, the FIFTH issue of the popular Karis Playground series, Incontinent Student Bodies, will post one page per week until the entire issue is online!  If you’re a fan of the series, this is the latest issue!  If you’re new to the whole series, you can catch up by reading the earlier issues right here on the site!

Starring an ensemble of over TWELVE characters, the dormmates of Ashton Hall win a free trip to Hawaii!  Join the familiar cast- J.D, Jonathan, Silas, Kaar, Dirk, and Daphne and meet some new faces in this fifth issue of the popular diaperfur series!

Excited by the prospects of Hawaii, the dormmates explore the island with the help of their tour guide, Justin…who has more in common with them than they thought!

A chance incident on the beach leads the group into a deep mystery that heightens when one of their own disappears?  Who (or what) dunnit?  What’s the resolution to the mystery?  Say “Aloha,” and read ISB #5 to find out!

Don’t want to wait to read it week-by-week?  You can purchase the entire story digitally or in print, right here!