BabyFurCon 2023 was, far and away without exaggeration, the best con I have ever exhibited at in 30+ years. 

I say that with no hyperbole; it is the simple truth.  

As a vendor, I sold out of my stock of Incontinent Student Bodies comics (40 books!) in 90 minutes!  I would also sell out of three more titles before the weekend was over.  Financially, it was my best con ever. Period. End of sentence.

But the financial side is by no means all there was to this con:  

An atmosphere was created– a safe space, where all could be themselves, their most authentic selves, without fear of persecution or derision.  The hotel was truly welcoming, even tailoring their restaurant menus and front desk marketplaces to the weekend’s theme.  The staff dressed up– some wearing ears, one notable person in a full deer bodysuit, such that we thought he was one of us!

There were high chairs in the dining area.  Giant floating inflatables in the pool. Adult tricycles. An adult-sized Jolly Jumper.  Bouncy castles. A ball pit.  Giant strollers.  Everywhere one looked, there were things and displays made FOR US.  ALL of us. And absolutely everywhere, I saw smiles on all faces.  Too, we managed to sell out the entire hotel–which meant every single person there was one of us, part of the magic, part of our world, which is in no uncertain terms fantastic!

I was hugged– and gave hugs– more than at any other type of gathering I’ve attended.  Each hug was joyous, and also with that sense of relief that “coming home” entails.  We were all together, understanding, being in the moment without fear of being judged or censured. 

The con staff made everything look easy, which is no mean feat. They made a smoothly running show, a seamless experience, and I can only assume they must have been working like rabid beasts behind the scenes to make it all flow so easily to our perceptions.

There was not one bit of drama that I heard of.  Not one. Everyone seemed to be on their best behaviour, as if we all knew the con’s future depended on us being our best selves.  And I love that; just because we’re in diapers doesn’t mean we can’t be mature and get along with each other. And that is truly magical. 

I am extremely grateful and thankful that this con seemed to be a huge success, because (I hope) that means there can be another one. And if so, I encourage each and every one of you who has ever longed for acceptance, to be yourself in a public setting, to feel like you’re a part of something magical, to register for it as soon as it’s announced.  

My thanks to the concom for making this happen; I don’t know how long it took you to conceptualize, research, negotiate and finalize this event but you did it and you are amazing for doing so; congratulations to each and every one of you.

My thanks also to the attendees for being free, joyful, and wonderful; to those that supported Karis by buying my books (and my Tarot readings!), know that you have made this my most successful con ever. You. You did that. You made that happen, and it was miraculous and welcome! Also, you made me cry happy tears at seeing just how happy you all were. Hugs to you all!

Karis will definitely be back!