Hey folks!

Sometimes there is so much going on behind the scenes at the Playground that I forget that I need to keep posting on the site to keep you all in the loop!

Right now, I’m working on several things at once:

  1. Hired a colorist to complete Gang Trouble so the original artist can simply concentrate on inking
  2. Developing a new section of mini-comics based on letters from the community, entitled “Dear Karis”!
  3. Having pages of EVERY issue of ISB coloured, as per my Patreon
  4. Gathering the ENTIRE run of “Buddies” comics from the old site into one graphic novel, as per my Patreon


So, for the rest of April, there will be a NEW PAGE OF ISB up on the site, EVERY DAY!  It’s all loaded up and scheduled, ready to upload at 10 AM each day (Mountain Time.)  I hope you enjoy the pages, while I continue the behind-the-scenes work to bring you the best diaper comics possible!

WANT TO HELP?  Direct your friends to my Patreon at http://patreon.com/karisplayground — every donation helps me to bring YOU fabulous diaper content including comics, illustrated stories, and more!