As you know, your generous support of my Patreon allows me to continue creating ABDL comics– and here’s a sneak preview for EVERYONE of a project I have in the works, called “My Teenage Regression.”
It’s set in 1983, and is a true-to-life account of a teenage boy who willingly chooses to regress– at first, to give his friend a thrill, but then- he discovers hidden desires he didn’t know he even had!
The artist, Waskito Mulyano, is incredibly talented and very quick– which means the only thing limiting the production speed of this comic is money. The more Patreon donations, the faster the comic gets produced. If we could get the Karis Patreon up to $200 – that’s two hundred– dollars a month, there would be a new page every week.
SPECIAL PLEDGE INCENTIVE – Anyone who pledges $100, even if only for one month, will have themselves included in the comic as a teenager in 1983.
Please spread the word– and spread the URL, as well!– to donate to the Karis Patreon: !