I have exciting news that I’m really just blown away by!

Lulu.com just sent me my sales report for December, and I couldn’t believe what I read.  Since Gang Trouble went live for sale on December 8, FIFTY-FIVE copies sold between then and December 31st.

FIFTY.  FIVE.  COPIES.  In three weeks!  That breaks all previous records for sales of any of my books in the shortest period of time.  I still can’t get over that number.  FIFTY-FIVE copies.  55.  55.  55!!

This is, of course, because I have the most incredible readers ever.  Yeah, that’s right.  YOU did this.  All of you, reading this right now, you helped make this happen.  Because you bought Gang Trouble, you have helped ensure that more ABDL comics will continue to be made.  You have directly contributed to the community.  You’ve made the synergistic relationship between content producer and consumer work!

But not least of all, you’ve made this diaper-comics-writer very, VERY happy!

For the curious among you, I also sold 17 copies of ISB (various issues 1-5) during that same time period.  ISB, or Incontinent Student Bodies, remains popular and is the longest-selling, most consistent, longest-lived comic I have ever written, ever. And that’s a totally community-based comic, just like Gang Trouble, starring YOU, the contributors, crowdfunders and community members.  YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN.  I’m amazed by you, humbled by you, and grateful to you.

Gang Trouble now has its own page under the “COMICS” menu at the top of the website, and its own graphic on the slideshow bar.  And if you still haven’t got your copy, you can get your digital download from the good folks at lulu: