… change the way you do it!

We weren’t successful with the Kickstarter this time, folks, but I attribute that to folks not being able to come up with the higher-end pledge levels within 30 days– it was a pretty big ask, after all.

So I spoke with Bill Blankenship (the artist) and he’s willing to do the comic a bit at a time, with folks being able to pay for the higher-end roles piecemeal– a bit at a time.

Those of you who already pledged, you will be able to keep your roles, I ask that you send your money via PayPal to karis@karisplayground.com with the role you signed up for as a message in the payment.

Please spread the word about this; if you know people that wanted a role but couldn’t afford it all at once, let them know this can happen for them!

I would like to have all the roles assigned in the next couple of weeks here, so Bill can start drawing (obviously we can’t start without knowing who all the characters are)!

I’m SO EXCITED to move forward with this book.  I can’t wait to see this story come to life with the participation of everyone who wants to see their characters come to life as well!