isb4coverpatreonHey folks– for those Patrons who get a monthly print mailed to them, it’s MAILOUT DAY today– and this month’s print is the original cover of ISB Issue 4, without all the titles on it!

Those who pledge $20 or more get a print every month, starting with the Change The World print and then a new one each month following!

I’m very excited by new developments here at the Playground; we’ve broken our next milestone!  At the $100/month level, I am now gathering all the original BUDDIES comics, both furry and non-furry, into one big comic entitled “BUDDIES.”  It’s a great walk through memory lane!

The ISB colorist is very close to getting his computer (difficult when you’ve only just moved to Saudi Arabia!) and then we can move forward with the ISB coloring project– don’t worry, we’ll post more than one page a month until we’re all caught up!

What you can do to help is SPREAD THE WORD.  Please encourage others to contribute to the Playground Patreon, and help make new diaper comics a reality!  Post these pics everywhere you can, and make sure folks know the URL: — even a dollar a month helps!

With love,