More.  Always more.

That’s my approach to writing and creating comics.  Since I can’t draw, all I can do is hire artists to bring the vision of my writing to fruition, but that affords me a very special opportunity:

I can work on more than one thing at a time.

While an artist works away on one script, I can be doing another.  And then a second artist works on that one while the first one is still underway.  So I begin another script, the idea being that, if the Universe aligns properly, I will end up with constant comics pages able to be posted.

Ultimately, that means that my readers get new stuff all the time.

My Patrons, aka those who support my Patreon, get to see it all first, of course.  Let me show you some of what they’ve been seeing lately:


Now, let’s be clear:  all of these things will eventually make it to my site, free of charge, for viewing.  I haven’t changed my philosophy that Karis’ Playground is not, and will never be, a pay site.

But what you can do, by becoming a Patron for as little as a dollar a month, is help me to make the comics that you want to see.  To help keep ‘em coming.  And not just mini-comics, either: I have plans for two graphic novels that I want to do— yes, that’s right, long-form storytelling not limited to just one or two scenes!

One of those graphic novels will be (drum roll please) ISB #6.  That’s right.  It’s time for us to go Back To School to UC Canterbury, home of Ashton Hall, where furs who wear diapers for whatever reason engage in life lessons, schooling, stories and romance— in short, college life!

Also, starting today, ISB #4 debuts here on the site- -updating every Tuesday and Thursday— 2 pages posted every week!

But none of this can happen without your support.  I encourage you to spread the word and tell people about the great things happening on the Playground, and invite you to direct them to the Patreon at