Hey, Playgrounders!  There’s a lot of new diaper comics coming your way this year from Karis!  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new stuff:

Firstly, Gang Trouble by Karis and Cwoissant!  A teenage jock-rabbit gets singled out by a high-school gang… which results in wet pants humiliations galore!


Karis is also doing his very first MANGA-style comic this year with artist Augusto Leon:  A story begun years ago called “Three Brothers,” now finally made possible thanks to the good folks contributing through Patreon!


Of course there’s more happening behind the scenes, all to bring YOU more diaper comics!  If you want to help make those projects a reality, why not become a Patron of the Playground today?  Even as little as a dollar a month helps keep the Playground going and gets YOU first crack at all the new content!  Pledge today at http://patreon.com/karisplayground !