karis-changetheworldHi, Playgrounders!

It’s been almost a month since I started my Patreonwww.patreon.com/karisplayground— and I’m super happy to report that it has showed some success!  In these initial few weeks, we have passed our first milestone, which is to colour a page of ISB per month, meaning that eventually, yes… ISB WILL BE REPRINTED IN FULL COLOUR!

Also, we have passed our SECOND milestone– which is one page of new content up on the site EVERY MONTH.  Yes, never-before-seen diaper comics will be published to the site in black and white.


Firstly, every Karis Patron who pledges a dollar a month or more gets to see stuff before it goes up on the site.  That’s right.  They get first look at everything.

Patrons who pledge five dollars or more get to see works in progress and behind-the-scenes stuff, meaning they get to know what I’m working on, what ideas are being developed, and to see preliminary sketches.

There are more levels, of course, and more rewards will be added as time goes on, but when you’re thinking of your Christmas shopping, why not consider becoming a Karisplayground Patron and giving yourself a present that also is a gift to the ABDL community?

Of course, there is still FREE content on the Playground– have you all been enjoying the ISB reprint pages in the FRIDGE section?  One new page every day (barring weird scheduling glitches that WordPress seems to enjoy giving me, which brings me to–)

–THE PLAYGROUND IS BEING RECONSTRUCTED.  That’s right, one of my WordPress Wizard friends is helping me overhaul the site to make it run smoother and be more navigable.  There’s no rest for the wet-bottomed here at the Playground!

I hope December is an exciting month for all of you!  What kid, big or small, doesn’t look forward to Christmas??