So, in 2007 I started writing the first ABDL HORROR comic, “The Legend of Drippy Jack.”  The premise was a group of teens attend a summer camp for bedwetters, and start getting “bumped off” after hearing the legend of a camper who had been injured there years before.

Naturally, “bumped off” in an ABDL comic doesn’t mean gore or death– it means getting diapered.  Oh, the horror!

I wrote twenty-six pages of script…

…and the artist bailed.

We had to abort the project, refund people’s money, and I shelved the project.  Other things took my attention- new projects with more reliable people, for one thing. And over time, Drippy Jack got forgotten.

Then last night, my good pal Seifer reminded me of it.  And lightning– that elusive, powerful force called “inspiration“– struck my brain. And so…I resurrected all the files and started writing again.

I’m pleased to announce that, COMING SOON, I will be soliciting crowdfunding for roles as campers and counsellors in the back-from-the-dead “The Legend of Drippy Jack”!

(Disclaimer: Former cast members have first dibs on characters, so don’t flood my inbox with questions about being in it just yet until I find out who’s still interested.)

In the meantime, enjoy this blast from the past, from the artist who shall not be mentioned by name!)