The thing to remember about comics, as opposed to pin-up art, is that they take longer to create and produce.  As a writer, I have a billion-and-one ideas at any given time, but as fast as I can write, I can’t keep up with myself as far as art goes; I have to rely on those gifted, hard-working individuals known as artists to help me realize my visions– and then bring them to you, the readers!

Sometimes that can look like silence or inactivity on my end, but the truth is far from it– EVERY DAY, I am creating or refining or developing or putting finishing touches on or even beginning a whole new project; I always have several things on the go.  My only limits are time and money– creativity is never in short supply! Even if I’m having a low inspiration day, the Karis fans and abdl people all around the community provide an endless source of inspiration!

Here’s a quick snapshot of everything that’s in the works at the moment:

Dear Karis: My Teenage Regression

The story of two best friends, teenagers in 1983, and how an obsession with pants wetting becomes more than just fantasy but rather a lifestyle.

Dear Karis: Homeschooled

Two brothers are schooled at home; one of them has a weak bladder and has occasional accidents. One day, the younger brother convinces him to go further…and when Dad comes home, a surprising turn of events occurs.

The Three Brothers

Manga-style furry comic about three cat-boys with a history of bedwetting. After a few choice comments by the middle brother, the other two decide, with the help of their visiting cousin, to remind him of what it’s like to wet the bed! This one event sparks several repeat occurrences until a surprise reveal involves the rest of the family!

World of WETcraft – IN COLOUR!

The entire first issue of World of WETcraft is currently being coloured. Join Synchalla and Treyu, the blood elves, Monty the troll, and Konnor the Tauren as they form a new group and invite Zix, Azeroth’s GAYEST Orc, into their party!