I have MORE new stuff coming your way!  Very soon I’ll be launching “Dear Karis,” a page on this site that combines the concept of a “true story” letters column with short comics!

Basically, the letters sent in about real-life diaper situations will be turned into short comics.  It’s a great way to combine exciting narratives with interesting imagery!

I’m always striving to keep the content coming, and make it as exciting for everyone as possible.  That’s why I want to encourage folks to send in their own real-life diaper experiences to the site and see what fresh new stories I can turn into illustrated fun for everyone!


“The Landlord” is one such story.  Mark moves in to his first apartment and meets Mr. Stepanov and his son, Paul.  Paul discovers Mark plays D&D and asks if Mark will run a game for him and his girlfriend.  Mark agrees, only to discover that Paul has some very strict “rules” about bathroom breaks and that disobeying Paul could mean that Mark will lose his apartment!  What can Mark do?  You’ll have to read “The Landlord” to find out. Illustrated by William Blankenship!  Follow him on Twitter @MadapComics.

Also in the upcoming Dear Karis library are “Logan,” the story of a bedwetting teenager who is so angry about not being able to stay dry that he decides to wet his pants at school to punish himself; and “Homeschooled,” the story of two brothers who are educated at home, the oldest of which has a bladder problem– but his parents deal with it in a surprising way!

These stories and more coming soon from Karis’ Playground!  Support the creation of diaper comics by contributing on my Patreon at http://patreon.com/karisplayground!  Your contribution helps make it all happen!