Today I finished lettering the INKED pages of World of WETcraft issue #1. There were many delays getting the art finished but it’s finally in my hands and I finished lettering the pages today!
I will be uploading Page 19 to the site today, and you can see a new page every four weeks!
Now, I haven’t been idle while waiting to finish these pages– because I have a colourist, Levy Ramirez, colouring EVERY PAGE of World of WETcraft Issue One!
His work (as you can see here) is fabulous. I will be giving a sneak peek to the completed page to my $10 and up Patrons who get to see finished colours before anyone else!
Here on Karis’ Playground, Wednesday is WETcraft day!
If you’d like to see colour previews, consider becoming a Patron today!  Go to and pledge today!